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IARD’s work is informed by scientific evidence on alcohol and health, including alcohol policy. By bringing together data and research on drinking patterns, alcohol in society, and regulations at a national level, IARD examines practices around policies and interventions that reduce harmful drinking. IARD’s tools and resources are intended to support stakeholders in formulating approaches that can be adapted to local needs and contexts.

The resources on this website are not intended as health advice to individuals about their drinking. People with specific questions about their drinking are encouraged to consult a healthcare professional. Together, they can determine what is best for that individual, based on individual risk factors, including family history, genetics, and lifestyle. For some people, the better choice may be to not drink at all. 

Our health and policy resources are not intended to be exhaustive representations of all scientific research on a given subject and, as research is constantly evolving, they might not include the most recent findings. All IARD materials include a date of content review and they should be read in their entirety and not misrepresented or taken out of context. 

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Table: Meta-analyses on alcohol consumption and all-cause mortality 2000-2023

November 29, 2023

A visual summary of meta-analyses published between 2000 and 2023 on alcohol consumption and all-cause mortality according to whether risk for light-to-moderate drinkers is the same or lower than nondrinkers, whether a J-shaped curve (lower risk at low-to-moderate alcohol consumption) ...

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Alcohol Consumption by Country and Beverage Strength (The IWSR)

November 21, 2023

Consumption data are provided by the The IWSR. The data are organized by country or territory and beverage strength and listed annually from 2000 to 2022.

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Beer and Cider Production, Consumption, Imports, and Exports, and Cider Consumption (GlobalData)

November 21, 2023

Data on production, consumption, imports, and exports of beer and on cider consumption are provided by Global Data from over 200 countries and geographies from 2000 through 2022.Released: November 2023

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Unrecorded Alcohol Toolkit

The Unrecorded Alcohol Toolkit has 3 main purposes:

  • To serve as a resource.
  • To provide a menu of approaches.
  • To increase consistency and uniformity across studies.